It’s beautiful, it’s always in vogue and its’ getting expensive day by day, which also makes it a very good investment! But buying gold is not that easy.

If you do not have a family jeweller, whom you can trust, you need to be very careful while making a major purchase in gold jewellery.

Purity of gold is measured in Karats (K). Pure gold is 24 K, but no jewellery is made in 24 K gold. That’s because 100% pure gold is so soft that it does not stay in shape for long. Thus, to make it sturdy and durable, small amounts of other metals are mixed. So, if your jeweller claims that he is showing you 24 K jewellery, you know he is faking!

The purest form of gold in jewellery is generally of 22K. Diamond or stone studded gold jewellery needs to be firmer to hold the stones. Thus, it is usually of 18 K gold. While purchasing gold jewellery, look for a Hallmark engraved in the jewellery piece. It guarantees authenticity and gives you information about the purity of gold. The higher the Karat number, the higher the percentage of gold in the jewellery piece.

Gold Plated Jewellery
This is purely for show purpose. If you do not want to spend a lot, and still get the gorgeous gold look, you can fool people too! Gold plated jewellery is actually made of some other metal, usually silver. It only has a thin layer of 24 K gold, which gives it the look of pure gold jewellery. But unlike gold ornaments, gold plated jewellery cannot be used regularly, lest the gold layer will peal off!

Coming back to pure gold jewellery, it is one thing that never goes out of style and keeps appreciating in value. So, next time you fall in love with a beautiful gold set, tell your husband you’re investing!

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