How many times have you been to a party where you noticed a woman wearing makeup that looked weird, or a face that did not match the rest of the body? When we see Bigg Boss contestants apply makeup the first thing in the morning, we also feel inspired to wear makeup. But do you know the basics of wearing makeup? Makeup begins with foundation. If you get your foundation right, you will not need much else. But if your foundation is not correctly applied, nothing else will work either!

So here is how to apply the foundation perfectly, every time.

  • Start by choosing the right foundation for your face. Many women make the mistake of choosing a shade that is lighter than their own skin. This will not make you look fair, it will make you look weird. So choose a shade that can easily blend into your skin and matches perfectly.
  • Wash your face and dry. Now dab little spots of your foundation on the forehead, under eyes, near nose and close to jaw line. You may need some on the neck too.
  • You need a sponge to spread this out evenly and blend. Wash your sponge and give it a squeeze to get rid of excess water.
  • Now start spreading the foundation and blend it. Move the sponge making outward motions.
  • Blend, blend, blend and blend some more. Pay special attention to the jawline and neck. Make sure your face looks smooth and blends in with the neck.
  • Voila, you are done! Set with a compact powder using a brush.

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