Even if you own tonnes of makeup products, it is very likely that you often do not find the required item at the right time! This happens because we do not know how to store makeup properly. Most women try to copy images on google in their quest for a well organized and lovely makeup station. But what looks good is not always the right way to store your makeup. Your makeup should be stored in a user-friendly way, so you can find the required item quickly and without having to go through heaps of other products.

Here are a few tips on how to store your makeup products in the most efficient way.

  • Use smaller boxes or trays to store similar items. So all eye shadows in one box, brushes in another etc.
  • When storing brushes, use a divided tray or use separate tray to store smaller brushes separately from the bigger ones. You will save a lot of time when looking for smaller brushes!
  • Keep all eye shadows in one box and discard the individual lids. This will make it easy for you to pick and choose the desired share quickly.
  • Keep all cheek products in one box. This is probably the box you are going to use more often.
  • Items that will be used only for parties and special occasions should not be mixed with daily used products. Keep these in a different tray and this does not need to be on the top of your makeup drawer.

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