So, you’ve just got a cool tattoo and you are eager to flaunt it! But “tattooing” is not over yet! To make it take a good shape and last longer, you need to take care of it a for few days after you have received one.

After the Tattoo
The first thing to do is to get yourself some vitamin E oil. Also get some skin lotions for applying on the tattooed area. These will help you nourish the tattoo and protect it from the environment during the healing process.

You should remove your bandage only after a couple of hours. Immediately after removing the bandage, wash the tattoo with a natural soap. This will remove the layer of ointment that was applied on the tattooed area. Avoid soaps with deodorants or artificial colours in it. Any form of chemical is not good for your tattoo. While washing, use only your fingers to massage the soap. Scrub your hands well before washing, and use a clean towel to pat it dry.

Remember: You have an open wound, and anything that you touch to the wound can infect it!

After washing, you need to moisturise the tattoo with the vitamin E oil. Keep moisturising it at regular intervals.

Tiny tip: Over moisturising it will take longer to heal and keeping it too dry will produce scabs that my pull out colour. So, you need to maintain a balance. It is usually most appropriate to apply the moisturiser every hour.

The peeling phase
After a few days, flakes of colour will start falling off your skin. This is a natural process, so you do not need to worry. Once your tattoo has flaked, your life becomes easier. It is not fully healed yet, but the risk of infection is gone. You do not need to wash it on regular intervals now, but continue applying the moisturising lotion.

Your tattoo artist will help you out during the healing process. If you face any problem or have any confusion regarding your tattoo, do not take a chance! Visit your tattoo artist immediately!

Only a few days of care and you will be all set to show off your body art to the world!

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