Do you have one or more items of clothing in your closet that is too tight to fit you? You are not alone! Most women hold on to clothes that don’t fit them any more. Many women even buy clothes that are a size too tight, but too pretty to not buy! The way women think is that if they hold on to these clothes that don’t fit, they will somehow feel inspired to lose a few inches and fit into the clothes waiting in the closet.Sounds familiar?

Experts say that theoratically this argument holds merit. If you have a pretty dress that you love, but can’t fit into – you might feel motivated to lose weight and wear your pretty dress. But the reality is much different.

When you hold on to clothes that don’t fit you, you develop a negative body image and tend to body shame yourself. Negative motivation can hardly ever achieve positive results for your body. Such body shaming often leads to eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia. It also leads to loss of confidence and faith in yourself, thereby leading you on towards defeat in the battle of the bulge.

So instead of holdng on to pretty clothes that are pretty tight, look for positive motivation. The best thing to motivate you if the euphoric feeling after a good workout or the decreasing kilos on your weighing machine after a week of working out and eating sensibly!

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