Who doesn’t love beautiful glowing hair? But when it gets very cold in te winters, or very hot in the summer, your hair also dries up and splits into multiple sections at the ends. These split ends are not only very unsightly, they also put an end to the growth of your hair. So unless you love to walk around with a broom on your head, you must know how to prevent and treat split ends.

How To Prevent & Fix Split Ends in Your Hair

– Prevent drying of your scalp because that is what leads to split ends. So avoid too much exposure to the harsh sun in the summers or exposure to the harsh cold winter winds. Try to avoid washing your hair with chlorinated water and make sure that you eat healthy and nutritious meals.

– Avoid chemical hair treatments like straightening, perming or coloring. Go for non chemical treatments like using henna for colour. If you have to get a perm or straightening, give your hair adequate conditioning regularly.

– Avoid too much brushing, blow drying and back combing. It’s okay to do these once in a while, but if you do these things regularly, your hair is bound to be lifeless, dull and brittle.

– The only way to get rid of split ends is to cut it. There is no other remedy for it. But you can try the following tricks to treat your dry and brittle hair after you’ve had the split ends removed.

1. Heat up half a cup of mayonaise till it becomes a gooey mixture. Apply it on your hair and wear a shower cap over it. Wash it off after 20 minutes.

2. Oil massages are great for your dry hair. You can use Olive oil, Jojoba oil, Coconut oil or even Almond oil. Heat up the oil and give your scalp a nice massage with it. Cover with a hot towel for maximum effect.

With these tips, you will see a definite change in the health of your hair. Try them and all your friends will be envious of your crowning glory!

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