1. Not hydrating / moisturising it enough. One thing that your skin needs to remain supple and firm is moisture. This is why you need to drink loads of water, and moisturise your skin every day. Dry skin will naturally age faster. Even when you use cosmetic products or soaps on your face, your skin looses its moisture and looks dry. Fix this by applying a good quality moisturiser every night, and after every exposure to chemicals or soaps.

2. Consuming too much junk food. Oily, fried, too salty and spicy food products also cause ageing. On the other hand, if you stick to a natural diet of fruit, vegetables, pulses and lean meat, you can easily look years younger than your actual age!

3. Not getting exercise. When your body is pushed, it releases endorphins and that is good for you. What’s even better is the sweat that breaks out on your face and body. This sweat flushes out all toxins from within your skin. This is why you should get plenty of exercise regularly and avoid being enclosed in comfortable AC rooms all the time.

4. Smoking / Drinking / Drugs. These three cause ageing at a much quicker pace than otherwise.

5. Too much exposure to the sun. A little sun is essential for your body to manufacture Vitamin D. But too much exposure to sun can cause spots, wrinkles and also skin cancer. If at all you do need to go out in the afternoon sun, make sure you are wearing adequate sunscreen.

6. Not getting enough sleep. There’s a reason why it’s caled beauty sleep. Your 8 hours of shuteye is essential for physical and mental health, and also for the health of your skin.


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