Time for putting on your makeup is a luxury most working women don’t have – at least not on work days. Who has the time to fix brows or carefully apply color to cheeks when the clock is ticking away?

So today we bring you some quick fix tips and tricks that will help you in looking your best without spending hours in front of the mirror.

Makeup Quick Fix Tricks

– Keep Your Brows in Shape. A good and shapely pair of brows can give your face an instant facelift. All you need is 10 minutes on the weekend. Grab a mirror and a pair of tweezers. Remove all the stray hair you see. Next, use a fine scissor to trim the brows. Comb the brow hair upwards and trim away the sections that fall outside the shape of brow. Repeat with the hair combed downwards. This 10 minute routine will keep your brows looking good all through the week. 

– Don’t have time to carefully apply foundation? No problem! In the palm of one hand, mix your foundation with a cream or moisturizer that you use, and just rub into the facial skin. This will allow you to brighten your face and make it look spotless within a minute. Don’t forget to rub into the neck also as you don’t want a color contrast between face and neck.

– Mascara is not easy to wear. First you have to apply it with a lot of care, then you have to wait for it to dry because it can easily smear around the eyes. So when short on time, just ditch your mascara. Get the mascara effect by simply using an eyelash curler. If you wet your brows before curling, you get an even better effect.

– Get instant contouring with a bronzing powder. Apply thin layers and don’t overdo! Bronzer gives your face a healthy glow and is a great way to brighten up a dull face.

– There are so many options for lip colour that it is hard to choose. Lipstick, lip pencil, lip gloss, lip balm and many other choices make it hard to choose what to do! A simple and quick trick is to ditch everything except lip pencils. Outline your lips with the colour pencil of your choice, before colouring away whole of the lips with your pencil. Now dab your index finger into a jar of vaseline and apply all over the lips. You have great colour, a glossy finish, and well moisturised lips within a minute.

These are basic makeup tips that a working woman needs. For detailed makeup tips, keep coming back to Memsaab!

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