Cosmetics are there to pamper your body and skin. They enhance your beauty and bring out your best features. But only when you use the right cosmetics at the right time!

All cosmetics aren’t good for all ages. A lady who looks stunning in a sparkle pink lip colour at 25 may not look the same at 40! Get the point?

Now here are some tips that will help you pick the right cosmetics at your age.

Under 12 years
Most good make-up companies have a separate range for children. These are gentle on skin and conserve the natural nourishment and oils in your skin. These include a kid’s shampoo, conditioner, cold creams and the like.

You are young and have your own beauty. You do not need artificial beauty enhancers to look good. So avoid artificial colours on skin. In case you need to do makeup for a stage show, adhere to the special range of gentle makeup offered by most big cosmetic brands. Kid’s brands like Johnson & Johnson have a good collection of cosmetics for you.

A common belief is that cosmetics should not be used by young girls. Of course you can use cosmetics, but only those that are meant for you. During teenage you need to be extra cautious with your skin as it is prone to acne, blackheads, whiteheads and rashes.

If you have oily skin, avoid glossy makeup and do not try to use heavy foundation to hide these blemishes. It may aggravate your problem.

To maintain a clear skin, go for oil-free cleansers that are suitable for sensitive skin. One must-have for all teenagers is cleansing milk that will help you take off your makeup easily and thoroughly. One more thing that you must have is a sunblock. It will help protect your skin from UV rays. But remember to use a water-based sunscreen to avoid pimples.

19 to 26 years
This is the peak of your beauty. Your skin is young, healthy and glowing. You do not need to load it with makeup and spoil your natural beauty!

Carefully pick the colours that suit you and use them to highlight your best features.
At this age, the most important thing is to keep your skin well hydrated so that the soft glow remains intact for long!

And last, but not the least, a good cleaning milk is of great importance to you too!

26 to 35 years
You are approaching middle age and the slight sag in your skin may disappoint you a little. No worries, its time to learn the art of makeup (making up for the lost glow)! Begin with a well-suited base colour that will even the pores in your skin and give it a smooth look. Now pick up colours that highlight your best feature. This is the best age to make good use of eye makeup and lip colours. Yet, excess of anything is still quite bad! So be careful!

Over 35
Maybe now its time to get hold of a few anti-aging products. You are the best judge of your skin. So, do not use them just for overcoming the scare of aging! Use them when you get the signs only.

Also, stay away from very loud makeup or you may look overdone for your age. At this stage, it’s very important to ‘look your age’ (unless you can manage to deceive everyone).

So now you know what to pick when. The right choice of cosmetics is your key to a beautiful youth and graceful aging.

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