We may or may not admit, but we all want to ace the sexy look. You may not be able to wear or carry a backless dress, you may not be able to wear a low cut blouse or a pair of hot pants, the little black dress may not be your friend – but you can still be sexy. How? Just by wearing a sexy red colour on your lips.

Research shows that men love bold red lips. After all, this is where their fantasies begin, no surprise that they find red mouths inviting and sexy. Red is a bold colour that embodies romance. The good thing is that it works with all skin tones! Red is even more attractive because it goes with almost all colours and themes of attire! Wearing a red lipstick makes you look mature, confident and sexy. A lot of men will find this awe-inspired and thrilling.

Are there any reasons why you can’t wear red everyday?

Only if you are bothered by any of these issues:

1. Everyone staring at your mouth. Yes, it’s true!

2. Constant worry that you have stained your teeth with lipstick. Yes, the staring is that bad!

3. Leaving your mark everywhere. Coffee cups, straws, tissues, basically whatever touches or even brushes against your lips will have proof to show!

4. Loads of male attention.

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