The sweltering heat in the Northern plains means a big boom in the tourism and hospitality industry in the hills. Garmi se pareshaan, temperature pe hairaan. Jayenge kahan? Thoda kam temperature ho jahan.

If you are also planning to go for a vacation with your family, here are some pointers on how to get the packing right. It is important to travel light. Yet you should be armed with everything that you may need and may have difficulty finding on your trip. So read on and learn how to pack smart.

Get some handy backpacks for yourself and hubby. If you have kids traveling with you, get some kiddie backpacks too. The kids can keep their books, music system, puzzles and toys in their backpacks. This will also instill a sense of responsibility in the kids. And this also keeps some weight off your shoulders.

Always keep the stuff you may need during traveling, in a separate bag/tote bag/cabin bag. This will help you avoid having to hunt for stuff in various pieces of baggage. You dont want to embarrass yourself while looking for that pack of cards in all the pieces of your luggage.

Always carry a couple of air-pillows and a pair of blankets with you. This is very important if you are traveling with kids. The blankets provided during the travel are not very hygienic and can actually pass on many infections.

A first-aid kit and some medicines for fever/cold/cough etc are also a must-pack. Motion sickness is another malady you should be armed against. So carry a strip of Avomine or other such medicine too.

Carry drinks and snacks like juices and biscuits in your backpack, especially if you are taking the train. Nothing like chow to beat the boredom.

Keep some kids clothing in your hand bag for immediate access. This will come in handy if your child throws up or otherwise dirties his/her clothes.

Carry a compact travel kit with sachets of all toiletries you may need. You can stack up on the small sized toiletries during your stay in hotels. Ask your hubby to bring bag small bottles of shampoo, moisturizer and talc every time he goes off on an official trip.

Carry safety pins and a stitching set with some needles and thread with you.

You could also consider buying a light portable iron. This can be used to iron out the suitcase creases in your already ironed clothes, and iron the un-ironed ones. This also gives your hubby something to do as you watch your favorite soap on the telly in the hotel room.

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