Adpaper, gossippaper, celebpaper the rolled bundle that you pick up everyday from your doorstep is everything but a newspaper! No doubt it has the latest of stories from across the country, but is that news?

Salman Khan indifferent to Ash-Abhi Wedding!
Prince ate only 3 apples in the last 5 hours!
Ash will flaunt a Red lehenga on her wedding day!
Sehwag got a 9-inch scratch on his left leg while playing!
Kajols draughts resembles her mother!

Some news items seriously make the readers feel like an idiot! Is this all that we are left with? The media is going crazy about the big Bacchan wedding! Have they ever tried to find out how many child marriage or dowry cases have been there in the past year in the country?

India, the country of spices needs masala in every thing, be it news, views or important issues.

If you look at it carefully, an ordinary issue of a newspaper has news only on the first page and the sports pages, and a special issue has news on none! Instead of an island ad, we have island news stories, with ads surrounding it. And when displaying ads, pages after pages, gets a little embarrassing for press, the sheets are filled up with advitorials and sponsored articles from government and private organizations!

The fourth estate, a watchdog of the government is what the press is supposed be, but all it does is watches out for the celebs to sneeze, so that they can report it or create a hype about things as simple as a short boy marrying a tall girl. Oh! And not to forget serious interview questions like How did it feel when you car crashed into the truck?

So where is the news? Where are the issues that the press of a democratic country is supposed to address? Or have the so-called newspapers simply started taking out volumes and volumes of interesting stories and gossips that you can read for entertainment and time-pass?

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