As everyone says, 40s is the ne 20s. So why should we look any less glamorous or attractive in our 40s than we did in our 20s. These really are the best years of a woman’s life and you must take great care of how you look to feel great in your golden years.

Here are a few makeup tricks that will serve you well in your 40s and also in the next decade.

1. Use a spoon when you apply mascara. Even if your eyesight is not what it used to be, you can apply perfect mascara without smudging your lower or upper lids. Just hold the curved size of a spoon over your eye lid when you apply the mascara and it will catch any smudges you make.

2. There is no need to buy expensive gel eye liner! Most women love the smudgy effect of a gel eye liner, but you can get it with your pencil eye liner. Just heat the tip with a flame before you apply, and voila!

3. A party look is incomplete without smokey eyes. Draw a slanted hashtag on your upper lid with your eyeliner before you apply color for smokey eyes. This will give a great smokey eye look with darker corners.

4. One tip that works for all ages is how to make your mascara last longer. When your mascara dries out, just add a few drops of saline or hot water to the bottle. This will immediately make it fresh as new!

5. If you feel your lashes don’t obey you any longer, and take too long too curl, here is a tip. Warm up your eye lash curler before using it. This will give quicker results, but don’t heat the curler so much that it burns your pretty lashes!

6. If mascara is the only makeup you wish to wear, glam it up even more by curling the lashes, then holding them vertical as you draw strokes from roots to tips. Use a brush to separate the hair after you have applies your mascara.

7. Lock the lip colour of your lip gloss in for many hours with this simple tip. After applying the gloss or lipstick, hold a tissue onto your lips then apply some transluscent powder on it.

8. There is atually no need to buy lip gloss or even lipstick. If you love the glossy look, you can get it without either of these products. Just use a lip pencil of your favorite colour to outline the lips. Fill the in with the same pencil. Now just apply a layer of petroleum jelly on your lips. You will have beautiful glossy lips of your favorite colour. No chemicals, just softness of the jelly!

9. One of the worst fears of working women is lipstick on their teeth! To avoid this mistake, put your finger in your mouth after applying lipstick. Close your mouth and purse the lips close. Now take out the figer. Your finger will catch any excess colour that would have otherwise smeared your teeth!

10. To cover dark circles, apply the concealer in an inverted triangle under your eyes. This is the best way to do the job!

11. To check how your face looks in lighting, just use the phone flashlight to look at your face in the mirror before you step out.


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