Had a bad haircut? No worries! Start growing your hair long and get them back in shape quickly!

Long hair never go out of fashion! They offer a wider scope for experimenting with hair ties and cuts. But with falling nutritional levels, heat, pollution and the rough handling of hair in the jet age, growing hair to the desired length becomes almost like a struggle!

As soon as you grow you hair a bit, split ends and brittle hair makes it almost impossible to achieve the hair length you desire. But as they say… impossible is nothing!

Here are a few tips that will help your hair grow, and grow quickly. So that you can change your hairstyles more often and still be able to flaunt long, beautiful hair.

Get some building material.

Proteins are the building blocks of your hair. Though most shampoos and hair oils claim to have sufficient amount of this nutrient, it’s always better to give your hair strength form inside. Have a lot of protein rich foods to build a strong base for your hair to grow with.

Hair needs exercise too!

Massage you hair everyday for at least five minutes with a good hair oil. It prevents you hair from drying and developing split ends.

Trimming is always good.

Don’t assume that if you do not trim you hair at all it will grow faster. A little bit of trimming helps is avoiding split ends and keeps hair healthy! Of course you do not have to cut off long chunks of your hair, but a little bit of trimming at regular intervals will do your hair some good!

Watch out for things that damage your hair.

Heat, pollution, dust are all a no-no. When you are travelling, try to cover your hair with a scarf. Of course you cannot do much about the heat unless you decide not to venture out of your A/C car! But try to avoid using blow dryers and curling or straightening irons as far as possible. They all weaken your hair and make it brittle!

Chemicals are to be avoided too.

This means that as long as growing your hair long is on your agenda, no colouring, no perms and no streaks! You can treat your hair with natural conditioners like lemon, Heena, Amla and shikakaye. But avoid using too many artificial conditioners.

This also means that you will have to stay away form chlorinated water. Remember, while going for a swim to tie and cover your hair properly. You will also have to stay away from salt water as it has the potential to damage your hair. Keep your hair soft and clean always!

Don’t torture your hair.

Do not tie your hair too tightly; this does not help it grow! It only makes your hair weaker. Also, never use tricky, thin rubber bands that have the tendency to curl hair within its loops and finally break it when you try to pull it off.

Your hair needs more care from you than the zillions of products available in the market. So, take care of them and watch them grow long and beautiful quickly! Eat a balanced diet and stay healthy always… because healthy hair grows on a healthy body!

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