Losing hair is one of the biggest reasons for losing self esteem, especially in women. Being overweight is a big deal, surely. But when a woman begins to lose hair, it is truly hurtful and depressing. Usually women do not suddeny develop bald patches on their head. Our hair loss starts with hair fall that is much more accelerated and begins to become noticeable in the shower. Over a period of time, if left untreated, this hairfall turns into thinning hair, and then for some women it might turn into bald patches.

How Does One Deal with Thinning Hair?

There are 3 main lifestyle changes that will help in tackling hairfall.

– Learn to relax. Stress is the biggest reason for hairfall. So if you learn to destress and relax, you can turn hairfall around easily. Take up yoga and meditation to achieve this goal.

– Avoid un-natural treatments to your hair. Avoid colouring, hair straightening, curling, perming, ironing and eve blow drying. All heat and chemical treatments to your hair damage the follicles and this can turn into excessive hairfall over time.

– Watch your diet. Eat a well balanched and nourishing diet every day. Avoid overly processed, oily and junk food. Eat fresh fruit, vegetables and lean proteins to keep your hair healthy and strong. You may take a multi-vitamin to make up for any deficiency.

If you take care of these 3 things, your hair will always remain your crowing glory!


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Lavanya Mehra


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