Fashion trends keep changing, whether it is apparel, accessories or even your makeup. Nothing remains the same, and it is the runway models who guide us to what the latest trends are this season. So here we bring you the latest trends that are seen on runways. Grab your brushes and other makeup tools ladies!

Latest Makeup Trends

1. Pastel colours are in. This season the mouths are neither bold red or brown, nor nude. Buy a few pastel shades for your lovely lips this season.

2. Double eye liners are the way to do your eyes now. Models are seen sporting a coloured liner in addition to the  regular dark liner to outline their eyes.

3. For parties, metallic eyes are in. Go glam up ladies!

4. Big hairdos are still not passe. Curls are in, poker straight hair is out.

5. False eyelashes are to be purchased coz big lashes are in vogue ladies!

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Lavanya Mehra


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