Payal bought a beautiful pair of simmering silver slip-ons to wear to her friend’s party. She fell in love with it when she saw Kangana flaunt similar looking sexy footwear. Kangana, her favourite character from a daily soap! Payal must have worn her new footwear hardly twice and thrice and Kangna changed her style!

It’s a good thing to be fashion-conscious and keep your wardrobe updated! You may like to follow Bollywood trends, national or international fashion magazines, a designer you admire or even your favourite television character! But do you realise the difference between fad and fashion?

Are you spending too much time and money on the frequently changing fads rather than developing a smart and elegant style for your self that will last?

A fad is a very short lived trend that may last for about a few months or even weeks. Sometimes, a successful movie brings along a fad and swipes if off the market as it moves out of the box office! Beware of such fads. The best way to stay away from them is to make sure you do not rush into the designer boutique until the trend sticks around for a while.

Don’t buy a dress for its nametag . Fashion designers expertise in creating a new fad for every season! That’s their job. What you have to do is to shop buys dresses and accessories because of their designer names or brands. Before buying something, ask to yourself, “Will I buy this dress even if it wasn’t from this designer or brand?” If the answer is “yes”, go ahead. You will love to put it on over and over again! But if the answer is “no”, shop right there! You are probably buying it only to get some fashion security amongst your peer group or friend circle!

Consider yourself before buying anything! Will the new fashion-wear suit your height, figure, age, complexion, attitude and even the environment you are living and working in? All these things need to go well with it. Or you may end up wasting money on something that does not suit you at all!

Keep up with the pace of fashion, but also do keep in mind that fads are like passing affairs. The time and money that they take up is more than the pleasure they give you!

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