Who says you cannot be stylish and comfortable at the same time? With the advent of Indo-Western style of clothing, you can look super hot and feel super cool. There was a time when Indian women strictly wore Saris and Salwar-Suits only. But in the seventies, things began to change and many women hopped on to the Western style of clothing. Trousers, jeans, skirts and tops made an entry on the Indian fashion circuit. Things began to Westernize in Bollywood, and a few decades later, trousers and jeans became very “aam” amongst the “aam junta”. But there remained a section of Indian women who still remained conservative and could not switch to Western wear. Many women could not give up the comfort of traditional Indian wear. For such women, relief came in the form of Indo-Western outfits.

This is a style that is inspired by Bollywood and Indians living abroad. This style combines the traditional Indian clothes with Western designs to create a style that is unique, interesting, comfortable and attractive.

Highlights Of Indo-Western Outfits

Trouser Suit: This combines a traditional Indian “kurti” with matching tailored trousers. To complete the look, drape a silk dupatta. This look goes well in silk and makes you look taller and slimmer.

Jeans Indian Style: Combine slim fit jeans with a long kurti, or straight legged jeans with a short kurti for a great lovely effect. Similarly, you can adorn your jeans with embroidery and other adornments.

Choli Style: Combine your traditional Indian “choli” with jeans and trousers.

Lehenga Choli: Wear a long skirt with a short choli, to give it the “lehenga choli” look.

Off With Arms: Get rid of the arms on your clothes and repace with straps. This change alone will make any tradional Indian attire a little less Indian. For more effect, experiment with “off shoulder” and “single shoulder” styles as well.

Shirt Length: Alter your Indian clothes to give them a Western look by reducing the length. Make your shirts shorter to resemble the Western blouse style. Combine with trousers/jeans to complete the look. Indo-Western style can be work as casual wear, party wear, or even formal office wear.

This style looks amazing and is fun to experiment with. It is very flexible and can be easily altered to suit any occassion. Try the “mix and match” route to create your Indo-Western look today!

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