As the possibility of bringing home the world cup vanishes, our team is getting a lot of flak at home. Heads have begun to roll and tongues are wagging. The first casualty is our “finger man” from down under. The much talked about, the much maligned Mr. Chappell. Thankfully he is still alive.

In an interview I read in the papers this morning, Mr. Chappell was avoiding all the questions with a standard reply: This is an inflammatory question. I cannot answer this. Cmon Mr. Coach, what you have done is so inflammatory that we cannot help asking you inflammatory questions.

So what exactly went wrong with a team that was supposed to reach the finals, at least? Everyone has a different theory to put forward. The most popular one is of match fixing. I dont know whether that is what happened or not, but we would like to push the blame on to it. The idea that our men in blue are actually so lazy and untalented is much more difficult to accept.

The truth is that we, the people are to blame. We have given them so much love and adulation that they have become comfortably ensconced in the world of glamour and money. Why are they sitting high up on the pedestal where they feel that they dont need to make any efforts? Why is playing the game, their last priority?

My unsolicited advice to the powers that be:

Fire the so called trinity of Gods: Rahul, Sachin and Saurav. They are getting too old and too lazy.

Have an age limit for players:20-30. No one should be allowed to play after 30.

Have a limit on the games they play. No one should be allowed to play in more than two World Cup Tournaments.

Run the show like a corporate: If someone performs badly in a match, let him rest till he proves himself in domestic cricket a la Saurav.

Infuse new talent.

Shift the focus away from the batting. To be the best we need the best bowlers.

And last, but most important: No one should be allowed to appear in endorsements while being an active member of the team. Endorse when you retire!!!

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