Perfumes add a new dimension to your beauty and define your personality by the unique aroma that follows you everywhere. Perfumes may also be one of the most powerful ways for attracting the guy of your fancy.

A “powerful way” does not mean a “powerful use”! Do not drench yourself with a fragrance, simply because it is his or your favourite! Access of fragrance is not just bad, it is intolerable!

Choose Appropriately

Choose you perfume with utmost care according to the occasion. For example, official parties, meetings, corporate events, or even a usual day at your workplace demands a sophisticated touch to the fragrance that surrounds you. Choose a delicate tang and keep the spray subtle.

On the contrary, if you are getting ready for a wedding or a party you can choose a stronger fragrance.

Some Do’s and Don’t

Don’t splash the perfume all over your clothes. Apply it on certain parts of the body like behind your earlobes, the upper sides of your palms and on the sides of your neck. These are your pulse points and the fragrance will sustain for a longer period. Besides, you will avoid leaving stains on your clothes.

Don’t inhale the spray. The chemicals may harm your body. Keep the spay away from your nose and mouth!

Do a double spray on all your pulse points if you have a tendency of perspiring too much.

It is ok if you wish to spray even on your surroundings like hair, handbag, cushions and sheets. But do not overdo! You perfume should complement your get-up and personality and leave a lasting impression wherever you go…

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