A Hair Straightening Iron is one the most popular beauty tools today. With Hollywood beauties like Jeniffer Aniston having set the trend of long straight hair, everyone wants a soft hairstyle now. Even girls who have naturally straight hair use the straighteners to further straighten their hair and lose the frizz. But misuse of a hair straightening iron can completely damage and ruin your hair. The heat may break the follicles and give you a hair loss problem to deal with. So how do you ensure the safety of your hair while using a hair straightener?

Using A Hair Straightener Without damaging Your Hair

Shampoo & Condition: Before you begin the straightening, shampoo your hair to get rid of the dirt and grime. Heating dirty hair and damage it, so shampooing your hair is a must. Similarly, to protect the hair follicles from heat-damage, you should also condition your hair after shampooing it.

Dry Hair: Unless your hair straightener specifically mentions using it on damp hair, you should dry the hair before straightening it. Even if it says that it should be used on damp hair, you should at least towel dry your hair before using the straightening iron.

Heat Setting: A good hair straightener will have 3 or more heat settings for you to choose from. Never use the straightener on very high heat. Try to stick with low or medium heat level. The heat level also depends on the quality of hair. If you have very fine hair, use the lowest heat setting.

Blow Dry: It is advisable to blow dry your hair before using the straightening iron. Blow drying prepares the hair for straightening by removing almost half of the curls and waves.

Anti Frizz: If your hair has a tendency to frizz up during the day, apply an anti frizz serum before blow drying. This should be enough for a whole day of gentle straight hair look.

Slow motion: Women with waves and curls tend to heat the ceramic plates too much and move the iron too slow, in order to get rid of the waves and curls. But both these things damage the hair. so you should always move the straightening iron in a smooth motion from top to the bottom of hair.

Avoid Contact: Be very careful while using hair straighteners. Make sure that you avoid contact with ears or facial skin. The iron is very hot and can cause severe burns if it makes contact with your skin.

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