It is natural to lose some hair on a daily basis. But when you lose so much hair that you start noticing your fallen hair everywhere, on the floor, on the couch, on the pillow etc, it is cause for concern. Why do we lose hair? The first main cause of hair loss is nutritional deficiencies. A deficiency in Iron, Zinc, Vitamin D or Protein can lead to premature hair fall. Hormonal imbalances and related diseases like PCOD or Thyroid issues also lead to hair fall and hair loss. Excessive use of heat or chemical treatments also leads to hair damage and hair fall. In addition to these factors, a stressful lifestyle can also be a big factor leading to hair loss.

To treat hairfall and prevent hair loss, the first important step is to eat nutritious diet and supplement it with nutritional supplements if required. Proper hair care requires you to understand your crowning glory and its needs. Do not over wash or underwash your hair. Too much shampooing can rob the scalp of its moisture and oils. Too little washing can lead to buildup of dirt, grime and oil. Both these conditions lead to hair loss. So wash your hair with a good quality shampoo a few times a week. Follow with conditioning and use a good quality conditioner. Every weekend, give your scalp a deep oil massage and follow it up with a steaming treatment.

Avoid too many heat or chemical treatments and try to live a stressful life. Combine healthy habits like eating well balanced meals, getting regular exercise and meditating to reduce stress.

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