Summer is not something we look forward to in India. For us, the summer season means extreme temperatures, high air-conditioning bills, unwanted tanning, sweat, skin breakouts etc, not to mention tropical diseases like diarrhoea, malaria and dengue fever. No, summer is not something we look forward to at all! But hey, like it or not, summer will come every year. So why not learn to deal with it in a more comfortable and “pretty” way? Memsaab brings you tips on how to look and feel fresh through the hot summer months.

Tips to Look and Feel Fresh During the Indian Summers

– Increase your intake of fresh fluids. Drink loads of water, fresh juices, lemonade, sharbat etc. Avoid the toilet cleaners and other sodas!

– Wear fresh clothes made of light colored cotton fabrics. Keep the clothes simple and loose.

– Keep your arms and legs properly waxed during these months as it’s a good time to show them off!

– Wear sunscreen everyday, whether you stay in or go out.

– Wear your hair up in ponytails, or braid them for a cooler feeling. Avoid too much makeup.

– Use the multani mitti pack regularly to get rid of excess oil and unclog the pores on your skin.

– Increase your intake of fresh tropical fruit like melons, water melons, papaya etc.

– Wear sunglasses and hats when you go out in the sun.

– Stock up on summer friendly items in the wardrobe: snorts, skinny tops, open sandals etc.

– Don’t miss out on the exercise due to the heat. Go out on early morning jogs or yoga sessions to maintain your looks.

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