Head lice is an irritating, painful and often embarassing problem that is very hard to get rid of. Often our children bring this problem home. But once a child gets head lice, they will soon infect everyone else in the family with this pest! This is why it is very important to treat ice as soon as you find signs of the infestation.

An easy way out is to use the OTC chamical based shampoo that will simply kill the lice. But these medications are heavy on chemicals and hence best avoided. That leaves us with only one option – hunt each louse out one by one!

Start this attach by slathering oil or a thick conditioner all over the hair, especially on the roots. While your hair is wet and slippery, start combing it section by section. Use a fine toothed comb and as you comb a section, check the comb for lice. Remove the lice from the comb and carry on with the process till all your hair is done. You may have to repeat this process 3-4 times. Try to do it on successive nights to get the best and lasting results. Within 3-4 days, your problem will be gone!

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