The wedding day is one of the most awaited and exciting days in the lives of most people. Women, especially, weave a lot many dreams about their big wedding, plan a lot about how they want to look that day, what they wear etc. However, there is one more thing that women are very excited about: their wedding henna. We just love the bridal mehndi! Old ladies say that the darker the colour of your mehndi, deeper is the bond of love with your partner. Some say that the colour shows how close you will be with your new family. Whatever the association, everyone wants as dark henna as possible. Can something be done about it?

Tips For Dark Henna Results

1. Have your waxing, manicure and padicure finished before you begin with the henna. Your mehndi will lighten by a few shades if you do them in the reverse order.

2. Wash and dry your skin completely before you begin. Your skin should not have any oily applications like cream, lotion or oil as they will affect the absorption of colour in the skin.

3. Choose a design that is not too fine. Very fine designs can not come out as dark and pretty as the thicker ones will.

4. Have the henna done 1 or 2 evenings prior to the D Day as the henna continues to darken on the second day too.

5. As soon as the henna begins to dry a little, apply a mixture of lemon juice and sugar on to it. The lemon will activate the colour in henna and the mixture will also make sure that the henna sticks on to the skin for as long as you want it to.

6. Another tip is to heat a handful of cloves on the tawa and pass your hands over it so that the hands can absorb the fumes.

7. Don’t forget a coating of mehndi oil on the skin before you begin!

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