Do you have a pair of jeans that you have worn for years, and are still loathe to get rid of? Most women have a pair of “favorite” old jeans that they just don’t want to part with. So how can you jazz up an item of clothing that you have worn for years?

To make the best of your old jeans, combine them with a sexy jacket or blazer. The look will be so stunning that nobody would guess them to be your years old jeans.

Have you every tried to embroider your old jeans? Go for a florat embroidery pattern or even tropical patchwork to give your old jeans a new look. A few sparkling embellishments also look good.

Wearing high boots can completely change the way you look in your old jeans. Opt for a rugged brown leather pair that makes you look like a cowgirl.

Any pair of jeans can be zazzed up just by adding a little height. What we mean  is wear your jeans with a sexy pair of high heels and hey, you’ll have everyone admiring your legs!

Get a few sexy white tops to teem your jeans with. Buy one casual white top and at least one party wear top if you wanna get more dressy.

Other ways to make the best of your denim look are to add different accessories to the look. Sunglasses, bags, jackets, shirts, shoes…everytime you change an acceessory, you will look different in the same old jeans.

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