If you want to save some money, you should be open to trying a lot of DIY. Beauty treatments are rather easy to manage yourself. But when it comes to hair, things are a little more tricky! Cutting your own hair is almost not possible! But colouring or highlighting it is!

How to Streak/Highlight Your Own Hair at Home

Start with the tings you need – a good brand of hair colour and bleach.

Why do we need bleach? Most of us desi girls have dark hair – brown to black. This hair is very difficult to colour. In order to give it lighter tones, we need to first bleach the hair to a very light shade. When the hair is bleached to a light brown colour, then you can colour it the shade you want.

So get ready to bleach the hair. These hair treatments should be done on unwashed hair. If you hair has natural oils in it, it is bettwe protected agianst the harsh chemicals of this treatment. So don’t wash hair for 3-4 days before treating it.

How to separate the hair you want to highlight?

First decide which ahir needs to be treated. Part your hair the way you normally do. Wear a shower cap. Poke holes in the cap at spots where you want highlights. Pull the hair out of these holes with a pin. You should end up with shower cap separating hair that you want to treat from the rest of hair.

Now bleach the hair to be treated. Use strong bleach and keep it on for 30 minutes. If after washing you feel it is not ligh enough, bleach again in 2 -3 days.

When you have right tone in your hair, just colour it all the shade you want. You don’t need to separate the hair at this stage because dark hair will not lift the colour anyway.

Make sure you do a strand test before colouring your hair. A good quality colour will do less damage to hair. Lastly, condition hair well after washing the colour off. Enjoy the streaky look!

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Lavanya Mehra


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