I know it sounds crude, but lets get practical honey; a well settled NRI would be quite a catch (if you can manage it). And honestly, its not that difficult too. Women are born with certain skills, and knowing how to wrap a man around their fingers is one of them. If you have always wanted to live the American dream, (or Canadian, Australian or any other), its time you started working on that dream.

Do Looks Matter?

An average Indian American (at least the first generation one) is usually a techie, or an engineer of some sort. It may not be a big deal for us, but being an engineer means the world to them. Writing computer programs is no less than creating the world!

These techies have big wallets, and much much much bigger egos. They seriously believe that getting a green card gives them the right to demand Ashwariya Rais hand in marriage. Who are we to contradict that? But since Ash wont be available, you can give it a shot. To be precise, there are three things that matter the most to these guys: looks, looks and looks. We will discuss other unimportant things later.

Dreams dont turn into reality overnight. You have to work towards them, in this case: patao your way towards them. Here are some tips and pointers for you to begin with.

Look Slim And Pretty: You have to have a figure worth showing off. As I said earlier, this project requires hard work. Join a gym if you need to, but do shed any extra kilos you may have. About looking pretty, dont let this dishearten you. You dont have to have the perfect skin /features to look pretty. Anyone can look pretty with practice and care. Learn how to carry yourself elegantly.

Discard Those Salwar-Kameez: No matter how nice you look in them, salwar suits or saris are not the way to go. You wont be wearing them a lot anyway, if you catch the NRI guy you want. Wear western clothing that looks elegant and pretty on you.

Work On Your Lingo: If you are not comfortable talking in English, brush up your skills in this language. Practice and practice more. Get rid of any regional accent you may have. He should not feel that you wouldnt be able to adjust to an English speaking country.

Dont Flirt Too Much:. Now this one can be tricky. You should not come across as so reserved that he loses interest. And yet, you should not come on so strong that he thinks you are of loose character. Extra marital relationships are a big concern with this breed of men. That is the reason they come to India for bride hunting.

Show Off your Educational And Professional Accomplishments: These men prefer a working wife. It would serve your purpose to show off an active career or the prospects of it.

Learn How To Cook: Our boys are not starving out there, but they do crave ghar ka khaana. Knowing how to cook is a plus.

Where To Meet These Men?

You can see advertisements in all the major newspapers, wedding portals, and personals columns on websites. Even you local marriage bureau would have a file on NRI boys. You must have some pretty pictures to send. Invest in the services of a top-notch photographer who can show you off in good light.

Above all, be confident. Learn how to charm a guy and keep up a conversation. Dont forget, men are mere putty in our hands. You just need to put your inborn skills to use!!!

Happy Husband Hunting.J

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