Looking good is more important today than it ever was before. Looks and personality are now a huge part of how people perceive us. This is why we have all women trying to lose weight and fit into skinny jeans! But even if you cannot fit into those skinny jeans, you can still look stylish and fashionale with these tips!

How to be More Stylish and Fashionable

1. Start with the basics. If you cannot afford a big wardrobe, at least invest in a few classic pieces that are of good quality and fit well. A pair of blue jeans, a white shirt, a couple of blouses, a pair of black pants or a black skirt and at least 3 nice pairs of shoes. You need one pair of formal shoes, one pair of casual shoes and one pair of sneakers.

2. To accesorize, indulge in at least 2 nice (and expensive) bags. If you have a designer bag, you automatically up your fashion game.

3. Every stylish woman has a signature scent. What is yours?

4. Stylish people do not look at their mobile phones to check time. So buy yourself a nice and expensive watch. 

5. Have a decent hairdo, well maintained at all times. Use a hair spray to keep it all tame.

6. Buy yourself a sexy pair of shades. But avoid wearing your sunglasses indoors, that is really tacky!

7. Do not wear layers of makeup. Nude look is the best if you want to look stylish.

8. Get a sexy hair color treatment. Go for exciting new colors!

Bingo, you are certainly more stylish now!

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