An appointment with your beauty professional usually fetches the desired results, but only after lightening the weight of your wallet! How nice it would be if you could get the same results at home, every day. So Memsaab brings you a few tips on how to get the perfect, light and natural look on your face with minimal use of makeup.

How To Apply Makeup at Home

1. Start with the Foundation, Wash your face, pat dry and apply a light coat of sunscreen or moisturiser with SPF 15. Blend in a little foundation now, taking special care of the jawline which usually is a giveaway. Use very little foundation, unless you want a cake of foundation on your face. Be very careful when you choose the tone of your foundation, keeping as close to your skin tone as possible.

2. Blush is usually not a great idea, nor is it required. But if you want to use some, now is the time. Use a brush to blend a little of the rosy colour into the top sides of your face. A bronzer is a great idea, it gives you  a healthy look. Apply it with a brush instead of using the applicator.

3. Now apply the eyeliner or kajal to your upper and lower lashes. Take care to smudge the lower lash liner so that it looks a little natural.

4. Now start with the eye shadow. Apply a basic ligt shade to the lids. Use a darker shade in the crease and make sure blend everything in.

5. Now finish the eye makeup with a lash curling, followed by application of mascara. When you apply the mascara, avoid a heavy coat and use a brush to seperate the hair from each other.

6. For your lips, start with a lip liner, not only for lining the lips but also for filling in the lips. Now apply a dash of gloss or lip balm. If you prefer to use lip stick, apply a coat and then pat a tissue between your lips to get rid of the excess.

7. Finish your makeup with a light application of compact powder.

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