There’s a reason why Chris De Burgh sang ‘Lady in Red’ and not ‘Lady in Pink’ or Orange or Green! 

Now even science has acknowledged that Red is the most attractive colour. Many studies have now confirmed that people feel more attractive when they wear red. They feel they have more sex appeal when they wear red as opposed to any other colour. Not only do people feel more sexy, they even behave differently when wearing red. Introverted people, who are usually very shy, feel more confident and are more outgoing when they wear red. 

Red is also considered an attention grabbing colour. It is perceived to be indicative of more sexual prowess in men. Women find men sexier if they are wearing a red tie or bow. 

What does this mean for you? If you have an important event coming up where you want to stand out, red is your colour! If you have a hot date coming up, red is your colour!

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