Monsoon brings great joy to parched lands and minds. But it also comes with its own set of problems. One common problem faced by all in the rainy season is poor hair health. This is the season when you experience the highest number of falling hair. Hair is weak, dull, lifeless and often too frizzy to handle. So today we bring you tips on how to deal with this problem and take care of your hair in the monsoon.

Monsoon Hair Care

All your hair problems becomes worse in monsoon, this is beacuse of humidity in the air. But you will be able to manage your monsoon hair issues easily with these tips.

– Wash your hair every alternate day during the rainy months.

– Do not use very hot or very cold water to wash your hair. 

– Use a very mild shampoo, natural if possible.

– Use conditioner every single time! Spread conditioner all over your hair and then use a comb to spread it nicely to the tips. Rinse after 3 minutes.

– Keep yourself well hydrated so t hat the hair does not become brittle.

– Treat your scalp and hair to a warm oil massage every weekend.

– Avoid chemical and heat treatments, including a blow dryer to dry off damp hair!

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