So you are getting married this wedding season? Congratulations! Did you know that most young brides make similar mistakes when they shop for their trousseau? Unfortunately these mistakes are getting more and more expensive day by day. So if you wish to avoid these costly shopping mistakes, read on to find out how to shop wisely for your bridal trousseau.

– The Wedding Dress: Who doesn’t want to look absolutely smashing on the wedding night? There’s no arguing with wanting to wear the best possible dress. Renting your lehenga choli is an option, but it does not agree with everyone. So if you are buying your lehenga, consider buying it in a pastel colour. Red/Maroon lehenga is very obviously bridal, and hence cannot be worn ever again. But if you have a differently coloured lehenga (pink, peach etc) you can wear it again to a friend’s or cousin’s wedding.

– The Expensive Clothes: Everyone keeps telling you that you need proper “bridal” saris to wear when you are invited by your new relatives soon after the wedding. Yeah right, you will wear these saris once or twice, and then your extremely expensive saris will just rot. It is wiser to buy a bigger number of medium-priced dresses along with 2-3 expensive saris.

– The Jewellery: Gold is an absolute essential in our Indian weddings. But do buy 2-3 glad plated silver jewellery sets too. In these days of rising crime, it is best if you don’t wear a lot of gold but since you cannot avoid wearing jewellery in the first couple of months, go imitation silver!

– Innerwear: Yes, those colourful lingerie sets are very sexy. But usually they are synthetic, and extremely uncomfortable. In a hot country like ours, innerwear should be cool and comfortable otherwise you are doomed to suffer from bacterial and yeast infections besides itching etc. So buy only 1-2 of the sexy pairs, and keep the rest of your innerwear in cotton.

– Shoes: People have fixed notions about how bridal sandals and shoes are supposed to be all glittery etc. But hey, you need comfortable shoes too, specially if you are going to honeymoon soon after.

– Cosmetics: Cosmetics and make up is all very expensive today. Often brides buy cheaper variants so that they can buy a lot more in quantity. But when it comes to cosmetics, you must choose quality over quantity. Even a few select items will suffice as long as they are of good quality. What you really need is a few lipstics and an eye liner. The rest is hardly ever used!

Just remember when you shop that this is your or your parent’s hard earned money that you are spending. So it should go towards buying only those things that you will actually make full use of!

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