The cause and effect relationship of poor diet and acne has been discussed for decades now. For generations, grand moms have been warning against chips, sugar, fried snack etc because of their perceived relationship with Acne. But is this relationship really “perceived” or is it real? The medical community has for long maintained that there is no link between Acne and diet. But latest research shows that there could be some truth to the old grandma’s tale, after all!

So what are the foods that harm your skin? Is there really a correlation between what you eat and how you look? Do fried foods harm more than your body size? Find out…

Foods That Harm Your Skin

Salt: Any food rich in Salt is bad for your skin. The high Sodium content causes puffiness on the face, especially around the eyes. Water retention is experienced and causes wrinkles in the long run. So it is best to cut down on salt in diet.

Fried Snacks: Fried snacks are high on Trans fats, saturated fats and hydrogenated fats. All these fats clog the pores and cause breakouts frequently. To avoid a breakout, eat fresh non-fried food and keep your face clean.

Refined Carbs: Foodstuffs made of refined carbohydrates lead to quick spike in Blood Sugar. Examples of foods with a High Glycemic Index are: Pasta, Pizza, Sweets and breads. Spikes in Blood Sugar harm the skin in the long run, so such food should be avoided.

Alcohol: While the physical effects of alcohol on body, especially the liver are well known, its effect on the skin is not so obvious. But excessive intake of alcohol dilates the blood vessel in the skin and causes broken capillaries. It also worsens acne rosacea in which one experiences redness, pimples, pushheads and a constant flush on the face.

Sugar: Too much consumption of sugar causes wrinkles and ageing. It damages Collagen and Elastin, the protein fibers that keep skin firm and elastic. So now you have the extra motivation to cut down on sugar, besides the promise of a slimmer waistline!

Caffeine: Caffeine causes dehydration and inflammation, and thus caffeine can cause the infection that is present with acne to become much worse. Though the anti-oxidant properties of tea and coffee have been established, it should not be taken to mean that the more the better. Caffeine should not be consumed in excessive amounts if you wish to maintain good health and skin.

Now if you are thinking that we have listed almost EVERYTHING on this list, you are wrong. Foods that are really good for your skin are the most natural and unprocessed food items. These foods are not only great for your skin, but also for your overall health and figure. Fresh fruit & vegetables and whole grain foods have a Low Glycemic Index and do little to harm your skin or health. So try to grab as many as you can, and drink loads of refreshing clean water!

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