Sunburns are more common than we might think. The melanin in our skin often downplays a sunburn, and you may not even mind the darkish appearance on your skin. But experts say that exposure to UV rays does not only burn your skin, it also causes skin cancer. This makes sunburns and exposure to sun serious business!

Things You Must Know About Exposure to the Sun

– You can get sunburn at any time of the year. So you need UV protection all through the year and not just in the summer.

– The UV rays are not necessarily the strogest when the sun feels hottest. The UV damage is worst when the sun is the highest in the sky. You can find the UV index from weather department forecasts.

– UV damage can make your skin red, pink or tanned. The colour of damaged skin is no indication of how bad the sunburn is.

– Sunscreen with higher SPF can guard against UV damage. It is true that a higher SPF provides extra protection, but no sunscreen can be 100% effective. In fact, a higher SPF often gives people the impression that they can spend more time in the sun without damaging their skin. This may cause UV damage even though the SPF was higher!

– Sunscreen should be reapplied when you are spending a lot of time in  the sun. Sunscreen is basically protective clothes for your exposed skin.

– UV rays can get through glass, so be cautious when driving or sitting in a room with glass doors or windows.

– Wear a wide brimmed hat and big sunglasses to protect your face and eyes from the sun when you go out.


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