Have you heard of the new fad that is called oil cleansing? Most people would be shocked to  think that oil can be used for cleansing! But the fact is that early civilizations used oil in many ways, and cleansing was one of them. Now that mankind is redicovering the benfits of going green and going natural, we are becoming re-acquainted with this use of oil.

You would ask how can oil be used on the face when most of the time we are trying to rid the skin of excess oil, and reduce acne. The fact is that oil cleansers work on all skin types. This is because oil is helpful in getting rid of oil on the skin. Also, when we use harsh products that dry up the skin, we will usually end up with even more acne as  the body is producing more oil to make up for what has been lost. So have no fear that an oil cleanse will make your face oily or acne ridden.

You will be surprised to know that your face will be as clean and smooth after an oil cleanse as it is after using a commercial face wash. Oil cleanse also has many lasting benefits like reducing signs of ageing as the skin is moisturised very well. It is definitely worth a try! We will tell you how in the second part of this series.


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