As you get ready to play Holi today, just take care of a few things that will help in preventing skin and hair damage. The harsh chemicals in Holi colors can irritate the skin and make your hair brittle. But with these tips, your Holi celebrations will result in ZERO damage to your crowing glory and your soft skin!

Before you go out to play…

Mix up a little coconut oil with olive oil. Rub this oil mix all over your skin, especially the exposed parts. 

Make sure you wear sunscreen on your face because it can get really sunny on Holi!

Avoid makeup.

Massage oil into your hair.

Do not leave your hair open, tie it up in a braid.


After you are done playing….

Take a shower immediately. But avoid rubbing soap on your face and body. Before getting into the shower, massage your face with warm coconut oil and use a damp cloth to rub out the colors. 

Use a mild shampoo to clean out your hair.

Moisturize your skin and rub a non-greasy oil into your scalp after the shower.


Enjoy Holi snacks with family….


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