While men take pride in their facial hair, for women it is an embarrassment. Nobody wants to be the girl with the beard! Yet chin hair in females is more common than you think. A few stray strands here and there is not a big deal. But if you find stubborn hair growing out faster than you can pluck them out, you have a major problem on your hands!

Hirsutism is the condition where a girl or woman has more hair on face/body than what is considered normal. Hirsutism is not really a disease, it is more like a symptom that something might be wrong. More than anything, it is an inconvenience! It means you will have to wax, pluck and shave more often than others!

Reasons for Chin Hair

1. PCOS is the most common reason for excessive hair growth on face and body. If you are young, you might be tackling a combination of facial hair, weight gain, infertility and irregular periods. This is something that should be investigated by a doctor.

2. Genetic Propensity is another reason why you may have chin hair. If your grandmother had it, you are likley to….

3. Hormone imbalance is another very common reason. Everyone has a combination of male and female sex hormones. But problem occurs when you have more male sex hormones than is normal for women to have!

4. Menopause is also one of the underlying reasons for the unsightly hair on your chin. 

5. Using birth control pills can also lead to growth of facial hair.

How to Deal With It?

If the hair is light and sparse, it can be simple plucked, threaded or waxed. But if the hair is thick and stubborn, you should have it treated with laser. Laser hair removal does not actually REMOVE hair permanently. But it does bring a REDUCTION in number and thickness of the facial hair.

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