Yes, ladies! There IS a downside to being too thin. Hard to believe that, after you have struggled for most of your adult life to keep your weight in check?

Most of us spend time, money and energy in an attempt to lose weight. We work out, we diet, we count calories, we skip meals, we eat stuff we don’t like, and we miss stuff we do like…all just to be thin. I am sure nothing tastes as great as being thin feels. Yet, if you see closely, there are many negative aspects of being thin as well. Still don’t agree? Read on…

Why Being Thin Is Bad?

• You can never wear the “body hugging” styles. So while your friends zoom past in their “hip hugging” jeans, you really have no hips for clothes to hug!

Every one wants you to eat. From moms and grand moms to fussy neighbors to friends and relatives, everyone has 1 advice for you: “Please eat more”. Sometimes you wonder if they are really concerned about you, or is this just a manifestation of their “fat” jealousy?

• You cannot accessorize like a normal gal. Big bags are in vogue, but can you carry one? Even if you do manage to carry one, it will just hide you from public vision! Similarly, you cannot wear stilettos coz they’ll make you look even thinner!

Every one wants to know your secret. People come to you asking for advice on how to lose weight! They ask you if you are “anorexic” or even “bulimic”, and also the right way to do it! Girls keep pestering you with demands to know your diet chart. Crazy, right?

Boys pay you no attention. Seriously, boys prefer plump girls over skinny ones. Research says that it’s got something to do with ability to procreate or something such. But it boils down to fewer dates if you are too thin.

You have no energy to do anything. No energy to chase guys, no energy to play sports, you can’t even walk a mile. You really need to EAT UP!

You become too fragile. Even minor falls, bruises etc leave you completely damaged. Wounds take longer to heal and your bones become too prone to fractures coz there’s no fat to protect them.

You shiver with cold, even when it’s not so cold. There’s no body fat to protect you from the cold. So you shiver even inside 5 layers of warm clothing.

• Go to your doctor and get some tests done. Chances are, you are malnourished and your body is deprived of the important nutrients. So now you may have to gulp down Calcium/Iron/Vitamin supplements as a part of your daily diet!

• Coming to serious issues, reproductive health of women suffers from being too thin. Menstruation problems occur if you lose too much weight or are too thin. This can have serious implications on your future life.

Though every one is telling you how “lucky” you are to be so thin, they don’t really understand. Being too thin is not a great thing, really. You cannot look attractive if you have no curves to show off. You look ghastly in the most beautiful of clothes, coz they simply hang on your body frame. To cut it short, being too thin can be as bad and as frustrating, as being over weight. So try to identify your ideal weight and try to maintain your weight in that zone. Don’t hate your curves, coz they are what make you look sexy.

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