If you ask people for advise about hair care (most of us do), every other person will have a different piece of advice. Some people will tell you that you should wash hair every Sunday after keeping it well oiled overnight. Some people will tell you washing hair everyday is necesssary to keep it free of dust and grime that damage the follicles. But what really is the expert take on this issue?

Experts say:

There is no specific number of times you should wash your hair in a week! It varies from person to person.

It is best to stretch a wash as long as possible – everyday washing is a NO! Hair experts say that your hair’s natural oils from the scalp are best at providing nourishment. Washing robs them of this natural nourishment. So you should max out on the time between two washes.

Thinner hair needs washing more frequently as compared to a thicker stranded mane! This is because oil weighs down the thinner hair and makes it look sticky and droopey.

Use a deep cleansing shampoo and a conditioner every time you wash.

If you wash more frequently, go for a natural ingredients based shampoo.

There is no denying that all the chemicals in our shampoos are not as great for the hair as they look. We love the shiny glow and bounce after a shampoo, but it is best to not overdo it.


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Lavanya Mehra


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