When we look at a slim and sexy young woman, we simply want to be her. We place so much importance on looking good, that we end up putting health on the backseat. There are many fashion trends that are insanely popular amongst women, especially the young ones; and many of these fashion trends are bad for health. They are dangerous and make you suffer in the long run.

Dangerous Fashion Trends

1. High pencil heels: This is an easily spottable one! High pencil heels put all the weight on your toes and are really bad for foot health and posture.

2. Open sandals: When we think of summer, we think of beaches and sandals. But how good is this footwear in our dusty and tropical environment? You expose your feet to dirt, grime and bacteria with open sandals.

3. Tight skinny jeans: Enough has been said about how tight jeans affect all the abdominal organs and compromise their functioning.

4. Heavy bags: Many women like to carry everything in their bags and be prepared for the most unexpected emergency. But really, do you need to carry all that stuff around when you know it affects your posture and spinal health?

5. Slimming undergarments: These are as bad as tight jeans. They put so much pressure on your abdomen that it can cause acid reflux.

6. Sexy lingerie: Lacy synthetic undergarments look really hot! They are okay once in a while. But if you make a habit of wearing them, you end up with skin allergies, itching, burning and irritation.

7. Reed thin figure: Size zero is still a hot trend amongst young girls. Starving oneself to look thin and sexy is the worst fashion trend around.

Let us give our young girls the right attitude towards beauty and the self confidence that comes from other skills and traits. This may help in lowering the demand for such harmful beauty trends.

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Lavanya Mehra


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