Valentine’s Day is the one festival all young people look forward to all year. It is the day to express your love, propose to someone, go on a special date with your special someone, pamper your girl, be pampered by your guy and so on! It is certainly a day when all girls want to look really really special for their dates. 

Here is how you can create a hot new look at home.

– Start with a long relaxing bath. Dab a good moisturiser all over. This will make your skin look nice and soft.

– Try something new with your hair. If you want a new hairdo on a budget, try the ponytail cut DIY. You can try on a new colour, new cut or just new way of combing and setting your hair. Just do something new.

– Choose a dress that you have never worn while seeing your date. Choose a smart dress that makes you look hot without looking indecent.

– For makeup, you have to wear red lipstick today! A dash of mascara will complete the look. Avoid heavy duty face painting as it really makes girls look old and tired.

– Don’t use too many accessories. If you are wearing a pretty necklace, forget the earrings and vice versa. 

– The best thing that will make his eyes pop is your pretty smile. Wear a smile and keep wearig it throughout your date. You will definitely look hot and have a great time!

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