How many times have you gossiped about the clothes and make up of your co workers or women you see in public places? We are women and gossiping is what we do, Right? But has it ever ocurred to you that you may be the butt of jokes at times? Time for a reality check, ladies! Smart clothes and a sylish hairdo is usually enough for an attractive appearance. But we often wear make up for social dos and parties. Are you sure your make up is just right? Do you know what colors work best for you? Although most women do wear make up every now and then, few really know how to. Read on to find out the most common make up mistakes that women make…

Common Make Up Mistakes

Wearing Wrong Colors: From your lipstick to the eye shadow, blush, lip liner and foundation, all the colors you use to make yourself beautiful are very important. You will look ridiculous if you choose colors that “you like” without considering “what would look good on you”. Wearing a light colored foundation will not make you appear fairer because the rest of you would give away the truth about your complexion. Similarly, depending on your skin tone, only a particular set of colors will work best for you. It is very important to visit a professional and seek “color advice” on what colors would work best for you.

Contouring: Very often women get influenced by the high cheek bones and sharp noses of models in magazines etc. Yes, they wear make up to get that effect, but should you? Those pictures are taken in perfect lighting and gradations. Later, the pictures are doctored also to get the perfect look. But if you use blush and other make up to highlight your facial features like those models, you will end up looking funny the moment you step into natural light!

Wearing Too Much: Sometimes we tend to put on too much make up when going to parties etc. But the “natural” look is the best and the safest. So try to keep your make up to a minimum. Your make up should not be so thick that a layer of paint is formed above your skin. Your mascara should not be so thick that your lashes begin to look like spiders! Save the dramatic smokey eyes for a dramatic occassion. Remember, “less is more”.

Foundation Trouble: The foundation is probably the most important part of your make up. To get a perfect foundation, make sure that it is not cakey, too thick, too much or too dark/too light. You do want to cover blemishes etc with the foundation, but you don’t need a plastering job, right?

Not Blending: To get the perfect finish, all the parts of your make up must blend into each other. So your blush should not stand out as a red spot on the cheek and your foundation should not divide your face and neck into two war zones. Everything should perfectly blend in.

Not Removing It: If applying make up is important, removing it is even more important. Going to sleep without removing your make up is a bad habit that is harmful for your skin. Your skin goes through a lot of trauma from environmental pollution every day. You add to that by covering it with a coat of chemicals. It is not hard to imagine what your skin goes through daily under this onslaught. So spend 5 minutes on washing your face and moisturising it every night before going to bed.

Lip Liner: If you have well formed lips, you may give this a miss. But if you wish to alter the natural shape of your lips, lip liners come in handy. Hoever, it is very important to use a lip liner that matches the color of your lipstick. Wearing a lip liner that stands out as being a distinctly darker shade than the lipstick is a complete No NO!

Chapped Lips: Winter is a time when we all suffer from dry skin and chapped lips. Avoid aplying lipstick on chapped lips as it will look bad and feel worse. Stick to a lip balm or vaseline as long as the condition remains. However, if you feel you must have color, apply a coat of your lip balm before painting your lips.

Cheap Cosmetics: Though branded cosmetics are quite expensive, you have no choice but to buy them. Purchasing cheap cosmetics may be easy on the pocket, but you pay heavy price with a damaged skin. Cheap cosmetics are harmful for you and the damage can vary from little to extreme. So buy only quality products that you trust.

These are a few of the most common mistakes that we make while wearing make up. Memsaab advises you to go for a natural look and keep your make up to a minimum. This keeps the skin healthy and no make up can match the beauty and glow of a healthy skin!

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