Ridhi wrote in to us a few days ago, confessing that she was secretly jealous of her little sister Sidhi. Apparently the jealousy stemmed from the notion that the doe-eyed Sidhi was more beautiful of the two.

Yes, beautiful eyes can make other women jealous, especially if the beautiful eyes are coupled with thick and long lashes. Who doesn’t want o have a thick luscious pair of eyelashes? But today, it has become a struggle to keep the eyelash hair intact due to various reasons. So we bring you a few tips on how to thicken your eyelashes.

– Never go to bed with makeup on. The eyeshadow, kajal, eyeliner and mascara need to be removed properly before you go to bed.

– Time out from treatments is necessary. Most women tend to use eyelash curlers, mascaras, eyeliners etc these days. But if you would like to maintain and keep the hair of your lashes, skip these products regularly and let your lashes breathe and be free. In fact, use such products only on special ocassions.

– Prostaglandins are known to increase the eyelash length and thickness. Ask your dermatologist to prescribe you some.

– Get a Vitamin rich well balanced diet and drink lots of water so that your skin and hair is preserved in good health naturally.

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