In simple words, don’t make fashion blunders!

This article is not for the fashion conscious memsaabs. We assume that they will already be quite updated with the latest fashion and would be choosing their wardrobe accordingly.

This one is for those who are too busy with other things in life to keep an eye on what’s hot and what’s no. We don’t blame you. Fashions are changing like chameleon’s skin tones. And in today’s fast paced world, where you have to balance the duel responsibility of home and office, it becomes difficult to keep pace with the times.

So, here we are, with some tips that will make sure you never make an anti-fashion statement in public! Simply, keep the following things in mind whenever your dress up next.

Makeup overload. People want to admire you. Not your fine shades of eye shadows and blush-ons. No matter how beautiful a shade maybe, wear it only if it really adds to your beauty! Put only as much makeup as required. The ultimate aim of makeup should be to make YOU look NATURALLY beautiful.

Big hair v/s long hair. Long hair has always been in. But big hair is out for good! Your hair should not be all over you. It should neatly fall down from your shoulders. If necessary, use a hair gel to manage unruly hair.

Fit. No one is fooled. So never wear badly fitted dress and assume that your extra fat won’t show up! If you are towards the plumb side, get dresses to have a nice fit or a perfect fall that will make you look elegant.

Synchronised footwear. Use common sense to match your shoes with your dress. Just because you have bought a new pair of footwear doesn’t mean you have to flaunt it with a completely mismatched dress!

And no matter how strong an urge you get to protect your manicured feet, NEVER wear socks with sandals!

Bra tips. Though most tops that women wear on screen can be mistaken for bras, it’s still not that cool to show your innerwear… unless it’s not really ‘inner’! Never wear strapless or racer-back tops with regular bras. And, don’t try a black bra under a white dress. It shows!

The black & white rule. Generally stated, white makes you look beautiful and black makes you look sexy. But more importantly, white flaunts your figure, while black pulls you down. So, wear whites only when you have a figure to show! Otherwise, black and other darker shades are best for you!

Don’t overload yourself. Dress up according to the occasion and no occasion gives you the liberty to dress up like a Christmas tree! Everything that compliments your beauty or style is welcome. Anything that ‘shows off’ is a complete no-no!

When you take care of the don’ts, dos naturally follow your style. And then, you are free to make your own style statement, chick or casual… it’s up to you!

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