Yuvraj who is undergoing a chemotherapy in Boston recently twitted that no one is responsible for his health condition, in fact Yuvi blamed himself for his illness, knowingly he ignored his illness & did not diagnosed in time. On the other side he is quite confident & positive that he’ll be cured very soon & will be back in to the track.

Yuvi expressed his grief that no one should blame either BCCI or to his Coach, manager or to his physio. Yuvi denied all the rumors that media is flashing out about blaming BCCI or about his physio. In fact BCCI has given all the facilities for his treatment in America. Yuvi’s physio Jatin who was the first person who advised him to diagnose & to go for a treatment but it was yuvi’s decision that he’ll go for any other alternative cure, so blaming Jatin or BCCI is completely worthless.

Yuvi thanked to all his fans around the world those are praying for him & said he’ll be back very soon.


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