It is great to be in love! But how sad it is when someone find out that she was cheated in love. Can anything describe the pain of knowing that someone played around with your feelings? It is sad, but not uncommon. In fact, it is very common to see that love is often one sided love, and one sided lie. Are you in love too? Are yopu sure that the object of your love is really yours, and yours alone? Do you every wonder if he’s married? Read on to find out if your misgivings about your boyfriend hold any water…

Is Your Boyfriend Married?

If You Suspect: If you are suspicious about this, then there probably is a reason to be suspicious. They say a woman’s intuition is almost always baseless but true. So if you have an intuitive feeling about this, don’t ignore it.

Ring Ring?: Watch out for a ring on his fingers. If he’s any smart, he won’t be seen with a ring on his finger. So check as soon as you meet, every time you meet. Can you see the telltale sign of a faint depression or line on his ring finger? Check his jacket pocket and other places where he might have kept the ring.

Contact Information: Do you know how to reach him at home? Do you have his home landline number? Do you know his address? If he withholds any of this information from you, he is probably married. Don’t allow yourself to be taken in by his excuses and stories.

Topics To Be Avoided: Are any subjects taboo between you as a couple? Does he clam up when you bring up the topic of marriage, children or vacations? Do you sense that he is not open to a future with you?

Secret Calls: Does he ever need to excuse himself to take/make calls? Do you wonder what he is hiding from you? Are you worried he is talking to someone and does not wish you to know about it? Probably it is true!

Curfew?: Do you feel like he lives under a strict curfew? Does he always make excuses and leave by a certain time? Be careful, he might have a strict wife at home!

Cash Or Card?: If your boyfriend insists on making all payments by cash, ask him why does he have a card at all. The truth might be that he is trying to avoid leaving marks on his trail. He does not want his wife to look at the credit card bill and ask him about who had that romantic dinner with!

Family/Friends?: Have you been introduced to any of his friends of family members? This is a big sign. If he has not mentioned you to anyone close to him, he is trying to hide you from the world. Ask yourself why. And don’t forget to ask him as well! The general rule is that if anything makes you suspicious, you need to get to the bottom of it before you trust him completely. So don’t hesistate to ask questions if you need to. It is your life, after all!

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