These clips are too good to be missed! This is why the channel is going all out promoting KBC with these fun clips of megastar Bachchan flirting with 2 women on the show. People are loving these teasers and just can’t wait to watch the full episode!

In the teasers, we see Amitabh Bachchan sharing some light moments and a little flirting with the contestants on the hot seat. One such contestant begins to chat with the icon and he also participates in light hearted banter with her. At one point, he asks the producers to stop the shoot so they he can go and enjoy tea with her. When Mr Bachchan compliments Namrata Shah on her pretty necklace and her looks, she starts blushing and asks him if she can address him as Amit ji. He responds and asks her to call him ‘Amit’ only. The audience can’t help but burst into laughter! This leads to funny memes and comments on the teasers. People begin to refer to Jaya ji and her getting jealous!

This will be one fun filled episode to watch!

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