Abhay DEol started a huge debate about fairness products and their advertising recently. Many celebrities jumped into the debate, taking one or another side. Now we officially have a statement from someone who has endorsed a fairness product for women for quite some time. Yami Gautam became so popular with her fairness ads that you can find a big collection of jokes on the internet that talk abot just how fair this fairness queen is!

Responding to the ongoing debate and how Abhay Deol slammed celebrities who endorsed these products, Yami said, “When we talk about individuality and choice, it’s my life, my decisions… why question my credibility? I am a self-made girl. I will not run my career on somebody else’s decision or ideology. I have my own mind.”

Justifying the content of the ads that show fair women winning all success and love in life, Yami said, “The brand has the right to advertise a product but you cannot show that not being fair is an upsetting thing. You can advertise your brand but showing that not being fair is something to be upset and sad about is not correct.”

This is just another take on the controversy around fairness products. What is your stand on this issue?

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Lavanya Mehra


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