The twitterati have started taking celebrity humour to new heights. After Rajnikant, Daya, Alok Nath and Kejriwal, there have been many other small and big celebs who have had jokes cracked at their expense. The latest to join this list is Yami Gautam. Yami is best known for her role in Vicky Donor and for her Fair & Lovely advertisements. The ads are what have made her the butt of Twitter and FB jokes. Here are a few:

  1. IPL to rename Fair Play award as Yami Gautam –Play Award.

  2. Yami can’t be photographed with a white background.

  3. Yami Gautam uses Fair & Lovely as toothpaste to whiten her teeth too.

  4. If ever the Sun loses its shine, just get Yami Gautam and Neil Nitin Mukesh married, their kids would be more than enough replacement!

  5. If Yami Gautam happened to write her autobiography somewhere in the future what will be its title? 50 shades of Fair & Lovely.

  6.  Yami Gautam’s skin tone is brighter than her future.

  7.  Human shave 2 types of blood cells: Red blood cells and Yami Gautam blood cells!

  8. Yami Gautam needs to just drop ‘tam’ from her last name and bingo! She will be Fair & Lovely (holy) as Gau.

  9. Yami Gautam enters a fairness contest. She came first and her shadow came second.

  10. When you pass Yami gautam through a prism, it scatters into 7 colors!

  11. Everything is Yami Gautam in love and war

  12. You can always ask Yami Gautam for her “Fair Opinion” :-)

  13. Yami gautam uses “fair” and “unfair” instead of “yes” and “no” on a daily basis .

  14. Yami Gautam should hv been cast as Harvey Dent in Batman…she is the true ‘White Knight of Gotham’!

  15. No, Yami Gautam doesnt use Fair & Lovely. She applies JK WALL PUTTY . Period.




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